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Farmer Group Policy Statements

The images on this website have been provided courtesy of Grain Growers Association These are extracts from peak farming groups policies that support the commercialisation of biotechnology in agriculture. We call on other peak farmer and agriculture groups to join these groups in showing leadership on this issue.

National Farmers' Federation Biotechnology Position Statement
National Farmers' Federation recognises the potential of biotechnology (including gene technology) as a valuable tool within agricultural production systems. The responsible and strategic application of biotechnology within Australia's production systems will result in significant benefits for Australian farmers, the environment, consumers and the Australian economy as a whole.

Grain Growers Association
GGA champions the application of technology to all farming systems in the quest to make grain growing more sustainable and profitable. Australian cotton farmers have been able to successfully integrate GM crop technology into their farming operations and GGA believes grain growers should be given the opportunity to trial similar technology.


VFF Grains Group Biotechnology Policy
The VFF grains group recognises and supports the use of biotechnology. As a tool for:

  • Improving the functional properties of food and fibre produced on farms,
  • Improving the long-term sustainability of agricultural production systems, and
  • Increasing agricultural productivity and profits.

Agforce QLD Biotechnology Policy

  • AgForce Grains supports continued research into trialing and testing of individual agricultural products.
  • AgForce Grains supports the comprehensive and rigorous science-based assessment of genetically modified species and products.
  • AgForce Grains supports the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator in ensuring that responsibility of research trials be strictly contained within the legislated guidelines.
  • AgForce Grains supports grain growers having access to an affordable choice of the latest research technology that is best suited to their production needs.

PGA of Western Australia GMO Policy
The PGA wants a science-only approach to assessments of the safety of biotech crops. Once the safety aspects have been considered, then it is up to farmers (in conjunction with grain marketers and buyers) to decided if a particular crop suits their farming system. We believe that biotechnology, like other technological changes in the past, will be embraced by farmers as a path to economic viability and environmental sustainability.

PGA calls for:

  • Cessation of the WA moratorium on biotech crops,
  • Quantitative standards for adventitious presence based upon international best-practice (PGA supported 0.5%/0.9% standards recently adopted at PIMCM in Tasmania and calls for them to be maintained), and
  • Immediate release of approved GMO crops, within a framework that allows biotech companies, grain handlers and marketers, and farmers a clear path to market.

WA Farmers Policy