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Our Views

This page summarises the policies we support.

  1. The images on this website have been provided courtesy of Grain Growers AssociationWe support farmers having access to new technologies that give us the choice to grow, or not grow, GM crops.
  2. We support the current GM food labelling in Australia to provide consumers with information to make their own food decisions.
  3. We support rigorous, science-based processes for the assessment of new agricultural gene technologies.
  4. We support a national system for the approval of agricultural GM technologies.
  5. We support the development of new GM food crops by Australian researchers which are specifically suited to helping local farmers deal with salinity and drought and to reduce chemical usage.
  6. We the support national standards for adventitious presence (AP) of 0.5% for sowing seed and 0.9% for grain crops.
  7. We support a whole of industry approach, including farmer organisations, grain marketers and seed producers, towards developing a national system for gene technology which provides a clear, predictable path to market for GM products.
  8. We support the end of the ban in South Australian and urge the SA Government to follow the leadership shown by WA, NSW & VIC.